Agile 2006 – A Detailed Rundown

For all but two of the sessions I attended at Agile 2006, I created a brief write up which is published here. Since most of the sessions had PowerPoint presentations supplied on paper and the CD, I’ve tried to avoid rewriting the content, and just summarized the main points and my own additional notes and views.

The “points to apply” represent what I took away from each session. In some cases where the main points were things I already knew, these are the extra insights or reminders that I’d forgotten.

The other sessions I attended were:

Enterprise development with Scrum – Ken Schwaber: I happen to know somebody else was taking excellent notes through this presentation, so I’m going to wait on those
Faciliating Agile Retrospectives – Diana Larson and Esther Derby: I’m currently reading the book, so planning to make a post after I’ve completed it. Also, I left half way through to go to the Test Driven Development Pairing Game demonstration.

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